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We recognize that every child is on their own personal journey with Christ. We desire to expand that walk through Bible lessons that give them a foundation in God’s Word and a knowledge of God’s deep and unending love for them in Jesus Christ. We open our Bibles, explore truths in the stories and present those truths in ways they can understand and apply to their lives daily.  We offer opportunites for fun & growth on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Description of “Disciple”

A “disciple” is a person who through faith in Jesus Christ believes the gospel and seeks to center their life on the teachings of Jesus. A disciple is obedient to the scriptures, has a vibrant prayer life, attends worship regularly, practices personal evangelism, loves their neighbor as themselves and lives a generous life. A disciple cares about the needs of all people in the world and seeks to be the hands and feet of Christ as part of God’s transforming plan for the world. A Disciple is a person growing in grace and in the knowledge of God. A disciple is quick to forgive; quick to repent, and practices gospel centered hospitality and humility.  

Family Registration

So that we may better plan for our coming school year at Marion Methodist, please complete the online registration for your children ages 3 – 6th grade…fill in the appropriate child’s name, age and the activities they will be participating in during the coming year.  

Click Here to register your child for Sunday School!

If you feel called to serve the children of our church by volunteer for any of our Children’s programs please contact Dani Showalter at (319) 377-4856 or